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What literally started as a cold call from Ashley Walsh, founder of Pocono Organics, to another multi-generational, family-owned Pennsylvania business has turned into one of the most dynamic partnerships in regenerative organic farming.

Pocono Organics is poised to be the largest regenerative organic farm in North America. The farm operates in partnership with the nearby Rodale Institute, recognized as the global leaders in regenerative organic agriculture research for more than 70 years.

The Rodale mantra is “Healthy soil. Healthy food. Healthy people.” Soil is the foundation!

Rodale has placed a full-time farm manager at Pocono Organics to ensure that regenerative organic farming practices are maintained. As well, Rodale scientists regularly visit Pocono Organics to conduct and review their many experimental studies. This also includes being an active farm for Rodale’s Industrial Hemp Research work.

Pocono Organics is also home to more than 300,000 honey bees from Rodale! Honey bees are vital to our ecosystem as pollinators, which continues to support Pocono Organics’ sustainability mission!

Organics is not a fad. It has been a long-established practice - much more firmly grounded than the current chemical flair. Present agricultural practices are leading us downhill.

J.I. Rodale / 1954
Sabastopol, CA


Regenerative Organic Certified was established in 2017 by a group of farmers, business leaders, and experts in soil health, animal welfare, and social fairness collectively called the Regenerative Organic Alliance, or ROA.

We exist to heal a broken system, repair a damaged planet, and empower farmers and eaters to create a better future through regenerative organic farming. 

By adopting regenerative organic practices on more farms around the world, we can create long-term solutions to the climate crisis, factory farming, and fractured rural economies.

We envision a world free of poisonous chemicals, factory farming, exploitation and income inequality, soil degradation, habitat destruction, pollution, short-term thinking, corporate bullies, greenwashing, and fake food.

Instead, we imagine a world in which farmers, brands, policymakers, educators, researchers, and individuals join together to create a healthy food system that respects land and animals, empowers people, and restores communities and ecosystems through regenerative organic farming.

We value the health of our incredible, interconnected planet and all who call it home—those above and below ground.

To ensure a healthy planet, abundant and nutritious food, and thriving people long into the future, we believe in continuously improving the way we farm.

To continuously improve, we believe in collaboration with innovative farmers, researchers, educators, policymakers, businesses, individuals, and others. None of us can do this alone.

Platz Der Vereinten Nationen 7, 53113 Bonn, Germany
+49 (0) 228 85427 122
info@croptrust.org | info@food4ever.org


Pocono Organics is honored to be the first regenerative organic farm to host one of the most important and influential agrobiodiversity events in the world!

The Crop Trust, stewards of the Svalbard “doomsday seed vault”, chose Pocono Organics as the location for its fall 2020 Food Forever Experience (FFX), which coincides with the United Nations General Assembly in New York (September 15-30).

FFX events bring together global influencers, media, government officials, and corporations for an interactive and educational experience. Imagine an event with educational sessions focused on agrobiodiversity practices and ideas by industry thought leaders. Then, innovative chefs prepare and serve dishes using lesser-known, and often ancient, ingredients for guests to try and enjoy. This immersive experience plates foods of the future that are more diverse, nutritious, and sustainable than our current food choices with the end goal of re-introducing foods such as jackfruit, fonio, moringa, and amaranth into our food system.

Pocono Organics is also exclusively growing many ancient seeds for the Crop Trust with the mission of returning these foods to our food system!


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