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Feeding The Soil

By Tim Wilson, Greenhouse & Farm Manager Cover Crops are crops that are grown in rotation with Cash Crops and provide a host of benefits.  Cash Crops can be viewed as “takers” that draw from the soil. These types of crops are grown to provide a product to consumers and income to farmers.  On the…

A Crude look at Nano-Particle Technology

By Dave McClain The most common question heard from customers revolves around “Nano-Particle Technology” – as found in our Nano-Particle Tincture, Monk Fruit Sugar, and Bath Bombs – and how it works so well, when other CBDs have failed to hit the mark.  Hang around CBD enthusiasts long enough and you will often hear phrases…

Learn About Nano Particle Technology

Anthology wellness All About The Nano The Nano is a water soluble hemp extract tincture. It’s a full spectrum product, which contains CBD, and other compounds such as CBG, CBN + CBC, along with a teeny tiny trace amount of under 0.3% THC. * Why are all those compounds present? We know they work better together as…

How COVID-19 Led Me To Regenerative Organic Agriculture

By Alexa Mooney My name is Alexa Mooney and for my senior honors thesis I decided to focus on the company Pocono Organics. To be completely honest, I had no idea I would be writing a thesis or becoming passionate about this company in the process. To me, the regenerative organic industry was very foreign…

National CBD Day

“Pocono Organics is a Global Center for Research, Education and Discovery, sprawling over 380 acres in the beautiful Pocono Mountains. We take pride in growing the World’s First and Only Regenerative Organic Certified Hemp. Pocono Organics is Rodale Institute’s largest satellite research facility and currently in our 3rdseason of growing and researching hemp. Every hemp…

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