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Opportunity Presents
Itself In Adversity

I was diagnosed in my late 20s with gastroparesis, a paralyzed stomach which prevents people from digesting food easily. I had found myself at a dead end with traditional medicine that prescribed feeding tubes and medication for me to lead a ‘normal’ life.


Those options set me on a discovery path with an organic diet and lifestyle where I found the health benefits, relief, and hope I sought.


But, two thoughts kept running through my head – first, “How could I help others experience the healing power of food?”; second, “I can’t find a local source of great, nutrient-dense organic foods.”

Those thoughts led me to a vision of Pocono Organics in 2015. My vision came to life in July, 2018 at the farm’s groundbreaking ceremony on 50 acres of land in Long Pond, Pa. Having acquired additional farmland, Pocono Organics is now one of the largest Regenerative Organic Certified farm in North America at 381 acres!


Pocono Organics has quickly become a trusted food source and employer for the regional community and a collaborator with like-minded organizations such as Rodale Institute, the Crop Trust, and Patagonia Provisions who are focused on global environmental sustainability.


From my personal journey with organic foods and environmentally responsible farming practices to its environmental design and educational, hands-on programs, Pocono Organics creates moments and experiences that inspire change and transform lives through wellness, health, food diversity, and sustainability.

We Do It All By Hand

From seed to your front door, your products ingredients were handled with care. 

Each hemp seed is carefully planted into starter containers at the start of each season.
Our over 6-foot hemp plants are harvested in over 6-acres of the farm.
All CBD products are processed and produced in our on-site laboratory.
With sustainability in mind, each order is packaged in re-usable and compostable packaging.

About Us

Since 2015
We Are Educating & Leading

Pocono Organics is one of the largest Regenerative Organic Farms in North America, sprawling over 380 acres in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. Pocono Organics has partnered with Rodale Institute, the largest independent organic research station in the world and true pioneers and industry leaders in regenerative organic farming practices.


We have built more than 38,000 square feet of greenhouse growing space during our first phase of construction, and our greenhouses stand at 35 feet tall! Currently, Pocono Organics is a USDA Certified Organic Farm and the World’s 1st & only Regenerative Organic Certified Hemp Grower. Our efforts focus on the gold standards of regenerative, sustainable, and organic requirements.

doing our part

Sustainability Vision

Sustainability is not just about what to conserve. We believe it’s about using what Mother Earth provides in a responsible way for us and generations to come!

Pocono Organics has been designed to LEED Standards and is powered by a 3MW 25-acre solar farm. Another unique feature is Pocono Organic’s 70,000 sq foot roof of the main office, processing facility, and greenhouses captures rain water which is re-used for irrigation of greenhouse crops.

We have also created a robust composting program with our neighbors at Pocono Raceway. During future expansions, we will continue to expand our greenhouses up to a total of 120,000 square feet of growing space.

We also look to our little friends in nature to help us as we help them. In partnership with Rodale Institute, Pocono Organics is currently home to a colony of more than 330,000 honey bees! The bees are producing our very own honey while pollinating our crops! We have planted a beautiful, colorful flower pollinator path for all our visitors to enjoy while the bees happily eat!

In an effort to support cleaner air and soil remediation studies, Pocono Organics works closely with Rodale Institute to grow and study industrial hemp. We are in our 3rd year of industrial hemp research as well as being Rodale’s largest satellite research facility. 

These purpose-built, environmental-minded practices have leaders in the organic farming industry saying that Pocono Organics is a world-class beacon for how future sustainable farms should be designed and operated!

We’re going back to our roots!


Amount of money Pennsylvania farmers generated in certified organic commodities in 2016, ranking them second in the U.S. behind California.


Percentage of U.S. Households that purchase Organic Food Regularly


Number of pesticides used by farmers at Pocono Organics

60 Years

Until our topsoil is fully depleted

Our Values

Devoted To Providing High Quality Products

To be a catalyst for hope, health, wellness, and healing by producing organic foods through responsible regenerative agriculture practices while setting a new standard of excellence in sustainable and regenerative farming.

To become the gold standard for regenerative organic agriculture through our state-of-the-art facilities, research and development, community, and employment initiatives.

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